Saturday, December 23, 2006

Don Cherry - the Grinch that stole Rory Fitzpatrick's All-Star?

On Coach's Corner tonight Don Cherry laid into the online effort to get Vancouver Canucks defenceman, Rory Fitzpatrick, a berth in the All Star game through the online vote. Now I think All Star games in mid season are lame to start with but they're a big thing over here. Cherry has a problem with the ASG going back his time in Boston but he tells Fitzpatrick that he should not go if selected.

In Ireland we are well used to these kind of efforts. There was the time Ronnie O'Brien, now of Toronto FC but then a fringe player with Juventus first had a vote stack for the Juventus Player of the Year but then later Time's Person of the Century until Time yanked his name from the poll. The Wolfe Tones' "A Nation Once Again" was the BBC's World's Most Popular Song. Email has created a way for the Irish diaspora to mess with the world's heads.

Personally I voted for Fitzpatrick - why the hell not. There are no criteria for entry and anyone disappointed by not making the cut is clearly not having enough fun in showbusiness. As for Cherry, Ron McLean was right to remind him that without the internet-based rally to defend both of them a few years ago neither of them might have jobs. Jeez Don, it's Christmas, show some charity.
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