Sunday, December 10, 2006

8 points up

United Position 1/Played 17/Points 44
Chelski 2/16/38
Liverpool 4/17/28
Arsenal 6/16/26
city 12/17/20

God knows how we're doing it. Fergie is still considering 4-5-1 the SAFE option even though we keep conceding goals! At any other time (well, any time before he left Celtic say) Henrik Larsson would have been hailed as the solution to the fragility of United's front line but we already have Giggs and Solskjaer so we don't need any more aging legends.

His reluctance to use 4-4-2 stinks of a threadbare squad and a tightfisted board than tactical nous given the success it generally brings when he is forced into it by another lone striker fiasco. The Ginger Prince's vision was reported to be a lot less than 100% and Giggs is having that kind of great season which usually builds up to a climax of a debilitating injury.

Big tests await in 2007, including Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea away. That said, I have generally respected Arsenal as opposed to the reflexive disgust I hold for Liverpool and Leeds and the disdain for the Yankee-esque ChelsKGB. I thought it was about Brady and Stapleton and was surprised that Wenger's headgames hadn't turned me off them more, that respect still remained. Results like these help, obviously.

UPDATE: Following Steve V's comment, I checked out Essien's equalising goal for Chelsea on Youtube. I have to agree with Andy Gray - "oh my goodness".
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