Somebody should tell Guy Bertrand that (like Team Slovakia did when it became a country), Team Quebec would have to start out in Group C in the World Championships, to get to Group B, to get to Group A.

i.e. There isn't enough seasons for Quebec to get through from Group C to Group A to make the 2008 World Championships.

I don't think the rest of the world is going to give up a spot just so Quebec can satisfy its hockey ego.
The comparison to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in soccer which others have made is not quite appropriate, since Britain does not field an aggregate team which one or more of its constituents opposed, and in any case those teams actually predated rather than postdated the European and World competitions.

With the exception of curling provincial teams are not very usual in popular Canadian sports - perhaps lacrosse, but that would mean going head to head with the First Nations who don't seem keen on the Quebec-as-nation idea. Going for hockey would have only one upside for the sovereigntists - the possibility of provoking Don Cherry into a caustic and highly public intervention.