Sunday, November 05, 2006

Vote for this guy coz I can't

Since I haven't got Canadian citizenship yet (eligibility to apply won't be until March), I'd like to appeal to anyone who knows who they are voting for trustee and ward but doesn't have a mayor pick to give it to this guy. He's a 22 year old student at Guelph-Humber College and lives near me according to this interview on the Edge 102.1 (and a good sport too) and has got his classmates and I suspect many other younger votes interested that otherwise couldn't give a damn.

He even had to give up his part time job as Leaside Garden Zamboni driver because unlike David Miller, he can't draw salary as a city employee while campaigning. To add insult to injury he was excluded from a debate at his place of work! It goes without saying that some are grumpy that other young candidates aren't getting his press but if the mayoral race wasn't such a bust he mightn't have made the same impact as he has.

I do like that he considers the annual 50+ homicides worth worrying about rather than just being content that it's "holding steady" or "worse in Detroit or other American cities".

Not exactly a full slate of policies but he's far easier to like than Pitfield or Bowtied Chretien Liberal hack and with his $800,000 from folks like Belinda Stronach, Margaret Atwood, Rick Mercer and various NDP types David Miller is pretty safe this time. Go on, you know you want to.

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