Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jim Karygiannis uses dead Canadian soldiers to make a "point"

Hansard, November 27
Hon. Jim Karygiannis (Scarborough—Agincourt, Lib.): next intervention
Mr. Speaker, I realize how difficult this must be for the minister. Just today we had two soldiers killed in Afghanistan and tomorrow or the next day their remains will be brought home, draped in a Canadian flag and a nation will be very thankful of the work that they were doing in that part of the world, not a nation of nations, but a nation. I am sure that the minister will join me in recognizing that we are paying respect to them as a nation for the work that they are doing in fighting for human rights, justice and peace around the world.

I am wondering what we tell the parents of the two soldiers who are coming back. Do we say that this is a nation which is grateful to your sons and daughters or is this a nation of nations which is respectful to your sons and daughters? I am wondering if the minister will share with us the exact expression that he is going to use when he meets those two families.
(my emphasis)

Wow, Peter McKay (who responded) must be happy that for the first time in a while a parliamentary discussion has happened where he isn't the one being an insensitive idiot. Meanwhile Karygiannis follows up his support for Volpe, whom he abandoned over Lebanon rather than the "Youth for Volpe" and other scandals, and his resistance to equal rights for gay Canadian residents with another home run. We can only hope whoever he ends up declaring for doesn't end up winning the leadership and becoming beholden to him for a future front bench slot.
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