Sunday, November 26, 2006

Windows Live OneCare - interesting but why should I pay?

I usually use ZoneAlarm, AVG and Spybot for PC defence. Obviously it would be nicer if I didn't have to use any of them but that's life. I've decided to give OneCare a try to see what it's like, because I'm interested in what it offers - a single management console not only for defence but for tuning up the PC.

However, once the 90 day trial is up I will probably kick it to the curb because:
  1. The Windows Security Centre was supposed to be the single management point for AV, firewall etc. but was inadequate.
  2. A central console and scheduler for defrag, temp file clearance and backup shouldn't require a pay service.
  3. It doesn't have a registry maintenance service which is and will always be Windows achilles heel.
  4. I don't pay for beta - which is what Defender is still labelled.
I can see the virtue in paying for AV and spyware definitions as they are ongoing but the 2-way firewall and the tune-up console should be part of Windows - let's see what keeps working after I tell Microsoft they aren't getting my dollars in three months. Will the console stay working but allow me to use AVG for antivirus? Maybe...
Q: I previously downloaded the beta version of Windows Live OneCare, but did not purchase it – does the beta version still work?
A: Existing beta users will still be able to use the OneCare service, with the latest updates and virus definitions for several months, but you will eventually need to transfer to the paid subscription service in order to maintain the service updates.
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