Thursday, July 05, 2007

When terror strikes, who do you call - Dyer or Smeaton?

Gwynne Dyer's latest in NOW, the filing of which surely, surely, predated the Glasgow airport attack:
It's safe to say that the driver of the car packed with explosives that was found in central London early Friday morning (June 29) was not a very impressive terrorist.

Driving erratically down Haymarket at 1:30 in the morning in a big, shiny Mercedes, crashing it into a garbage bin, getting out and running away: it all suggests that he didn't pay proper attention back in terrorist school.

Maybe he was just overcome by the fumes, but the other terrorist didn't do much better. He managed to park his explosives-packed car on Cockspur Street but he parked illegally, so it was ticketed and towed away.
Well, Glaswegians didn't have to wait long for someone to at least try to make a better go of it. However, Scotland was not found wanting.

A bit of a stretch to say this was Glasgow's "United 93" moment but his decision to run towards rather than away seems to have deeply resonated with people. Having spent an eventful academic year on University Avenue, I can attest that fan site says it all:
Those hapless al-Qaeda boys found out that Glasgow has no respect for international terrorism. Nobody gets between 10,000 Weegies and a £99 week in Ibiza booked on Thursday night through Barrhead Travel.
Meanwhile festival goers at T in the Park can be assured of "heightened security" courtesy of "BAA Agent Smeaton". If terror rears its head where you live, ask yourself -

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