Thursday, July 12, 2007

"I heartily endorse this event or product"

I wonder how much Krusty the Clown (no, not that clown, I mean this one) got for those... anyway, today I heartily endorse - the Toronto Real Estate Board's website against Toronto's new and throughly regressive tax grab.

Transferring land from one owner to another doesn't cost the city any extra facilities. Building new houses does, which is why development charges are fair. Ironically, one of the few exemptions for first time buyers is purchase new homes - which do add to the strain on city infrastructure. However, only the first $2,000 is exempt on new homes and the tax on an average priced house is about $3,890. If you bought a condo box a few years ago and need more room to start a family, well you better look for a crib that can hang off a balcony railing like a planter or something.

I had meant to write about Mike Smith's "if you believe in property ownership you deserve to have the government take your money away and spend it for you" spiel in last week's NOW, but just found it too depressing, especially with Gwynne Dyer's terrorism tutorial in the same week.
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