Monday, July 02, 2007

iTunes 7.3 disaster for Apple?

Disaster being relative - the same kind of stuff at Microsoft would rate "minor inconvenience" compared to their disasters.

Apple have just pushed out 7.3 (as always use Software Update not web download!) but it seems to be mostly updates for iPhone and reports are appearing of some problems involving rolling back to 7.2. Activation issues abound too but given the unprecedented use of iTunes to activate phones, the volume of Day 1 activations and the porting of numbers from other carriers, that shouldn't be too surprising.

If you don't have an iPhone it might be best to hold on 7.2 for a while if you haven't yet done so. 7.3 adds yet another stupid Windows process that many users won't use, to go with iTunesHelper and iPodService we now add AppleMobileDeviceService and another couple of Mb out of my Windows memory.

I don't get why Apple can't just have one service for iTunes which invokes the iPod/iPhone services only if such devices are installed and connected - or better yet one service for all peripherals like printers and Blackberrys. Wasn't that what USB was supposed to be for, way back when? Will have to see if making the Mobile service Manual/Disabled will cause iTunes squawkage, since there isn't an iPhone in my near future.

Why do I trust Apple that I needed to download 7.3 immediately when for a MS update I'd usually read the release notes first? Damn those Jedi mindtricks...

UPDATE: Universal Music fires a warning shot at Apple. Apparently if Apple can get into AT&T's "walled garden", Universal might start playing hardball for a shot at Apple's.
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