Sunday, July 29, 2007

Minnan-Wong and Stintz's cackhanded website

The Globe and Mail mentioned this hacked together website cooked up by the aforementioned rightwing councillors - it's like a mix of "How'd they vote" melded with Conservapedia.

Even though I agree with how they voted on the land transfer tax deferral, believing as I do that taxes should not be levied merely on the basis of a budget hole and a taxing power but on the basis that the tax seems fair to those it is imposed on, I would prefer they had removed the "issues" boxes, at least in so far as they referred to councillors who voted the other way - it seems like putting words in their mouthes.

I would be surprised if a few websavvy types on the mayor's side of the fence, the kind of people who produce professional looking sites such as Spacing, didn't take a crack at representing the alternative view - Minnan-Wong and Stintz mightn't find that so funny.
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