Monday, January 08, 2007

You make me happy, when skies are grey

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For a Celtic and Manchester United supporter, this is a dream combo -
"Larsson (Solskjaer 78 mins)"
"Goals: Larsson 55, Solskjaer 90"

The players who share a song shared the 2-1 win in the FA Cup Third Round - I trust Ole has no problems sharing with a Swede. Pity Martin O'Neill, who managed Larsson for Celtic in the glory days of the Seville UEFA Cup final, who must have feared the worst seeing him in a United shirt to face his new Aston Villa charges.

Larsson is due to leave United at the end of his loan period on March 12 when Helsingborg's season begins but the buzz to keep him is merely a reflection of the desperation that sets in when you cut loose a world-class striker and have to deal with being without him. Sadly they did "take my Larsson away" from Celtic and I think it might be best that Henrik has a brief but stellar stay and leaves for Sweden with everyone getting what they originally wanted from the deal - goals for United, match fitness for Helsingborg.

BBC's Shockwave replay system doesn't work for Solskjaer's goal (do we need any more conspiracy hints when BBC still employs Alan Green) so once again, we look to Youtube to save the day.

Larsson opens his United account

Solskjaer shows once again he is the man that replaced Cantona when it came to finding a way to score at the death - especially when it counted the most (Treble, at least!)
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