Monday, January 01, 2007

This is what you do when people think you're getting too sensible.

Ken Livingstone had a bonkers idea - congestion charging. Ken was used to his bonkers ideas drawing ridicule and fury and ultimately collapsing under their ideological weight. Ken's congestion charge idea largely worked though and he was at a loss - people were starting to take him seriously. Never mind! Our hero, not having an oil industry to nationalise like Hugo Chavez, came up with the next best thing - a two million pound sterling (C$4m+) street party in Trafalgar Square to celebrate 50 years of Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution. No doubt the extension of the congestion zone and the hike in the charge he said wouldn't need to be increased for 10 years will pay for it.

Red Ken - back in business!

(seen at: Political Quote)
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