Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beckham: you read it here first (well, sort of)

Toronto cares only about (fully grown not baby) Leafs in hockey terms, and a team doesn't have a European name, they aren't interested in soccer either. I mean, they hired SuperMo/Judas as coach which spiked interest for 10 seconds but still, we're not in the New York Cosmos days of Pele and Beckenbauer right? Hang on - maybe this guy will attract some interest. His best years are behind him and he would attract an enormous salary. Sounds just right for a Toronto team, especially one owned by MLSE. (From Cork to Toronto, November 12).
Right League, right player... wrong suckers. RTE Sport, on the other hand, had the suckers spot on. Though having done a little digging, it seems ESPN were even more on the ball.

Toronto FC may have sold 100 more season tickets today on the strength of the announcement of Goldenballs' impending visit with his La-La-land teammates, bringing their total sold to 7,000, but can they really assure us that the minion in charge of Ted's Shed hasn't received a call from the Borg drone at BMO Field inquiring about the availability of a near 50,000 seat venue for one date next summer? I suppose the Bank of Montreal would have something to say about that though.

As for which overpaid foreign player Toronto will feel obligated to splurge on? Speculation on the FAN590 (Bob McCown talks soccer - voluntarily!) includes a nice Portuguese boy. I'm sure a chat with the current most famous Portuguese-Canadian (and Toronto resident) Nelly Furtado could sell him on it.
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