Saturday, January 06, 2007

"He won't be showing that video to the grandchildren"

On the BBC quiz show "A Question of Sport" there's a "what happened next" thing where a video clip was shown in part and the teams had to figure out what (usually pretty unlikely and/or amusing) incident happened at the end. This clip is an excellent contender, when Patrik "king of flub" Stefan misses an open goal with 11 seconds left to make it 6-4 for Dallas, then Edmonton's Ales Hemsky heads down the ice to score with 2 seconds left, making it 5-5 to force overtime and get an unlikely point.

Fortunately for Stefan his teammates bailed him out in the post-overtime shootout to take the win. Given that Edmonton had blown a 4-1 lead they were probably relieved to get anything out of the game.
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