Thursday, January 11, 2007

What is up with Gordon Campbell's love of fossil fuels?

It is a basic tenet of Canadian politics that political and federal versions of a given political party are often more first cousins than siblings, such as in Quebec where a former Tory MP is leader of the Liberals and Premier.

In B.C. the contrast between federal and provincial parties is coming into sharp focus on the issue of the environment. Stephane Dion came to power promising strong action on climate change, Gordon Campbell can't get stuck into offshore oil drilling and coal powered electricity fast enough.

Does the Premier of B.C. think his fossil fuel production will have grandfathered immunity under a Dion regime or will he be ensconced in retirement in a comfortable corner office and beyond caring? All this in a province with the strongest Green party support, where local opposition managed to prevent a gas generation station across the US border with higher emission standards than the two coal plants Campbell's government just approved and where Chinese coal particles are being deposited from the Pacific winds?
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