Friday, July 21, 2006

Liberals begin choosing Federal candidates

A good move by Bill Graham but he should have made a better one - get the process moving for all ridings so they are ready to go at any time - something that would make Harper pause before throwing around threats of confidence motions.

Graham said doing some but not all would preserve the Leader's role in selecting candidates, when apart from basic screening (which cost the Tories one of their BC candidates last time) LPC HQ should stop imposing candidates on ridings entirely.

In the particular case of Vancouver-Kingsway, local Liberals had Emerson imposed on them by Paul Martin, he was elevated to cabinet immediately but then defected to Harper's cabinet this year. It's time they got to pick their own guy or gal. I suspect one part of the Liberals thinking is that without a prospective candidate to focus on, the rage against Emerson might wane - not to the point of retaining the seat but in terms of national attention-getting.

The incumbents remain protected, including other parachutists like Dosanjh.
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