Saturday, July 01, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 beta 3 released

I had a brief look at beta 2 when it was released but having read some reviews of Beta 3 I decided to take a chance on my PC and install it there. My reaction is that while IE7-b3 is a significant improvement from IE6, existing IE6 users may be perturbed that the address bar is on top and apparently immovable and that the command ribbon can't be relocated either. Corporate users who like to minimise change may not be enthused.

Firefox users will note that Microsoft has finally introduced tabs but without their own bar, leaving a minor amount of screen width for tabs. IE7's big win however seems to be the font smoothing - I use a CRT and the fonts displayed in IE7 are pleasant on the eye compared to their Firefox equivalent.

It's not enough to get me to switch, but it's a big wake-up call to Mozilla that Microsoft have a browser that people who never used Firefox may never feel like switching from - especially if the anti-phishing measures and the revised security actually work.
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