Saturday, July 08, 2006

Get a new job with the Feds, have a free trip to Ottawa

Apparently anyone who joins the Federal Government service for more than six months is brought to Ottawa for a mandatory two-day orientation session by the Canada School of Public Service. Treasury Board pays $750 for each attendee and the costs of hotels etc. The policy which replaced a previous Continuous Learning policy was adopted by Treasury Board on January 1st this year.

The participating Federal departments are listed on the CSPS website along with a course overview. I realise the Feds need to train their people, some would say more than they do right now, but it doesn't necessarily have to mean traipsing around Ottawa right after hiring - surely the course content could at least be brought out to regional centres.

Combining this with Garth Turner's broadside against the parliamentary allowance towards the mortgages of MPs, the elimination of waste seems to have slipped out of Mr Harper's vaunted priorities.

Hat-tip: the Politic via Ontario Blogs
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