Sunday, July 02, 2006

It takes more than billions to buy the Canadian Forces

Apparently there's a reason the media, camped on the road outside by order of the Prime Minister's Office, had such a good view of the return of deceased Canadian Forces personnel from Afghanistan as they did. Some of their colleagues stationed at CFB Trenton moved equipment that would have otherwise blocked the view. Meanwhile the Ontario Provincial Police provided traffic control. Harper failed the "Trenton test" - the CF and the OPP passed with flying colours.

Meanwhile Lt-Gen. Andrew Leslie, the new Chief of the Army, had a very impressive interview with Craig Oliver on CTV this morning. Answering Oliver's quotations from a London thinktank with "when I was in Kabul" and "when the Croatians were coming at me with main battle tanks" showed this still relatively young officer has seen enough to know the challenges his subordinates will face executing the tasks Canada will expect in the next few years. Particularly tricky is the question of opium - they are damned if they eradicate, impoverishing the locals and enraging those they supply into attacking them, and damned if they leave it alone and are then accused of abetting the addiction of those in Western countries at the end of the heroin pipeline.
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