Thursday, July 13, 2006

Food glorious (and inglorious) food.

Some Irish food is excellent. Other Irish food makes you wonder if all your taste buds went on strike at once. Sandra relates a recent experience which reminds everyone that no matter how much "Ireland has improved" boiling food items to within an inch of their lives "hasn't gone away you know".

As for me, I'm looking forward to a revisit to "Pearl River" on Princes Street in Cork for traditional Irish "chicken with green peppers and black bean sauce and chips" and if a second visit is possible "chicken with ginger, spring onions and chips". God I'm hungry just thinking about it and it's nearly three months away still when I used to be there most Friday nights of my seven years living downtown. I have yet to see anything close to it in Toronto but then you don't pay that kind of money here either.

Lennox's fish and chips was something I used to torment my brother with when he lived in Dublin, ironically he now lives back in Cork and I see Lennox's a lot less now than he did then. Over here in Toronto the Olde Yorke on Laird Avenue in Leaside is good but in a different class - Lennox's is for the chips you get on the way to Musgrave Park for a Friday night Celtic League match, the Olde Yorke is more geared to a sit down. Incidentally I haven't a clue why people get so hot and bothered about Penrose's on Mount Pleasant - small portions and ridiculous opening hours. What you get does taste good I'll grant you.

If I can squeeze in a trip to Amicus that would make the hat-trick.

[update - Nicole has just pointed out the place on Mount Pleasant is not "Pearson's". Obviously had a bit of brain cramp]
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