Sunday, January 22, 2006


In yesterday's Star, they reprinted in part a column from Faith Today magazine (, asking the party leaders registered with Elections Canada "What role do you think faith should play in developing public policy, and what is the place of religious institutions in contemporary Canadian society?"

Paul Martin: "Since becoming Prime Minister in December 2003" - yes Paul we know. What's worse, it feels like it's been ten years already. He reminds us he met the Dalai Lama, not at Sussex Drive but at the RC Archbishop of Ottawa's pad. Yes, the PM is so fearless in defence of religious liberty, his fear of losing AECL Chinese nuclear contracts and other goodies means he hadn't the stones to have one old guy in a sheet visit his own house. NEXT!

Stephen Harper: "the notion of separation (of church and state) refers to the state not interfering in religious practice and treating all faith communities impartially". Well, yeah, but you want to turn that around and make certain faiths the arbiters of those of other faiths (ones tolerant of same-sex marriage for instance) and of none. He also mentions Smith and Chymyshyn v. Knights of Columbus and Hauser and Lazar which had nothing to do with forcing religious groups to accomodate lesbians and everything to do with a bit of human decency or lack thereof. Harper should consider himself lucky he doesn't live in Italy. NEXT!

Jack Layton: Blah blah multicultural blah blah fluffy bunny blah blah globalisation blah blah we love religion just couldn't eat a whole one. NEXT!

Gilles Duceppe: (in full, translated) On behalf of Mr. Gilles Duceppe, Member of Parliament for Laurier–Sainte-Marie and leader of the Bloc Québécois, we acknowledge receipt of your e-mail dated November 18. We appreciate that you have taken the time to contact us. However, we believe you will concur that matters of faith and religion enter into the realm of private affairs and that consequently, decisions regarding them rest with the individual. You will understand, then, that we will not respond to the question you have submitted to us. We thank you in advance for your understanding. Rest assured that the Bloc Québécois will continue to adopt a responsible attitude and to act in every situation in the interests of the Canadian people.

Kind regards, Marie Bourgeois Correspondence Coordinator

To channel Jon Stewart for a moment: DAMN YOU SENSIBLE SEPARATISTS!
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