Tuesday, January 31, 2006

NOW Buzz off

It's amusing to see the flailings of NOW to try defending those it loves (primarily David Miller and his new press spokesman, formerly of that publication) including Buzz Hargrove, who is quoted in this week's issue that strategic voting was a success. This comes as a surprise to most NDPers (the ones wearing "Buzz off, I'm voting NDP" buttons) who are saying so publicly. I imagine Sid Ryan is saying so too - beaten by a Tory thanks to that brilliant CAW voting trick. That said I have little sympathy for smug Adam Giambrone and the guy he couldn't get elected, Gord Perks who did not give up his eye soapbox for the campaign.

NOW is positively apoplectic at the thought of Marilyn Churley running against Hizzoner and possibly letting in Jane Pitfield on a split vote - can't see it happening myself once she calms down, and anyway Jack did her the most damage by evicting her into Beaches-East York.

If anyone saw me on a Thursday evening plucking NOW from the box and eagerly carry it off for the TTC ride home they might wonder at why - with the craven City Hall reportage, the railing at the Island Airport, the disgraceful American Apparel ads and all - but their one saving grace is Dan the Man.

As for strategic voting - if the Liberals elect a leader and opposition front bench Jack can support, a Lib-NDP pact would bury the Tories and be reasonably workable. The problem will be the usual Liberal "entitlement" to a majority of their own. It will be interesting to see what if any effect Buzz will have next time out - if he survives that long.
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