Monday, January 30, 2006

The Duckworth School of Journalism strikes again.

One is always torn about how to react to the boorishness that emanates from the Sexational Sindo, whether it be that 03 team of scantily clad yoofs or the ever declining quality of Brendan O'Connor's output. Does one merely treat it as background noise, albeit one bought in distressingly large quantities, or try and divine whether new lows have been reached.

We used to define ourselves in terms of fairly well run nations (and Italy) but apparently if Eilis O'Hanlon is to be believed, anything is acceptable as long as it's worse in Estonia or India or Poland. President Obasanjo of Nigeria's outrage towards "unBiblical" homosexuality would be better directed against the practise of female genital mutilation in his country, for instance, by Christians as well as other religions.

I mean, crikey, there are some total basket cases in the world, Haiti and Iraq coming first to mind, but that doesn't make those our law and order baseline surely? As long as there aren't burning crosses or even marches behind huge pictures of DeV and the Virgin Mary then you're doing all right Jack?

I suppose Little Britain is terribly topical and all and some young advertising exec probably told the "editorial" staff at the Sindo that an article linking LB to the "homosexualists" going bonkers over the recent All Party Oireachtas Committee on the Constitution's report on the family would be terribly amusing to the ABC1s. Well, in that case the legions of nepotistic place holders could knocked together something which could possibly have been written off quietly as Sindo ranting. Putting O'Hanlon's byline on it meant it had to be confronted.

I witnessed the reaction of some Cork people to a tiny 2003 Pride gathering in Bishop Lucey Park in Cork and amusing it was not. Gay people in Ireland are not "all right Jack", and whether you accept all, some or none of the all-party report, we should all agree the only standard against their condition should be judged is an dignified one.
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