Sunday, January 22, 2006

Best of a bad lot?

No thanks to Rogers Digital TV Guide or Friday's Toronto Star, I finally found out United v Liverpool was actually being shown this morning. Sunday's paper finally had it right. After Burton Albion were dispatched during the week by Joe the Yank et al, today Rio Ferdinand decided to make himself useful. Maybe he's figured out finally that with big money comes big responsibility?

Why does second place to ChelsKGB seem so dire? It's probably the knowledge of how bad things would be without Mighty Mouth and the Dutch contingent up front and right at the back. It's also a forboding as to how bad things might be for Scholes.

It's always cheering to see the Scousers emotionally crushed with a last minute winner (shades of Eric), but surely a lot of the current squad (Fortune, Silvestre, John O'Shea if he doesn't improve smartly) will be seeking new homes next season, even though one who will surely be dumped should never have to leave, and apparently there is still hope that he won't.
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