Thursday, January 26, 2006

The greatest

Sadly in addition to "reality" tv the other thing media folk have discovered is really cheap to produce hours and hours of is stuff you used to talk about in the pub with your mates - who's the best ever punk band or could Spiderman "take" Batman or was de Valera a better leader than Julius Caesar. Now we have the best song ever or the Greatest Canadian (a knockoff of yet another disease spawned in England, like Pop Idol (of which more later) and the Weakest Link). The CBC thinks that Tommy Douglas was voted greatest Canadian because of medicare but really he got votes because he's related to Kiefer.

Anyway, Paige responded to my post on Sonia O'Sullivan, mentioning her post on Roy Keane's selection as greatest Irish sports star ever. Due to Roy's involvement in seven of the eight Premiership titles Manchester United have won since Liverpool last won an English League title, Dunner was naturally quick off the mark in joining Paige in condemning Roy as a disgrace etc. Firstly, you'd think Gerry Ryan would have figured he's not cut out for TV but god bless him he's still trying. Any show helmed by him is going to go for a selection not intended for sober nodding of the head but fierce partisan argument.

Not every country can have a Gretzky, a guy who combines an impeccable on field temperament, an all time leading scoring record and a steadily improving coaching record to the point where he is a favourite of aficionados and advertisers like. Most countries' heros have deep flaws - think of Maradona. As for Sonia - she attracts more respect than love methinks.

My response is that I think the selection of Roy as greatest sports star ever is a load of crap - not because Roy is not a legend (he is - the Stadio dell'Alpi vs Juventus in 99 is to him what Wembley vs Benfica was to Best in 68) but these competitions are crap - they are all skewed to recent people or events because people know them best.

Anyway, the greatest Irish sports star ever was CĂșchulainn. Or maybe Shergar. So there.
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