Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why so shy, Ruby? Tell us who the Tory was.

Apparently Ruby Dhalla and Judy Sgro have been approached to join the Tories. I could possibly understand Dhalla - she's young and a qualified chiropractor, not just a political hack from birth.

Harper seems to have great "faith" in building ethnic minority support, thinking they have predominantly conservative social positions on same sex marriage and so on - the rush to apologise over the head tax is another clue. The Tories sudden love for minorities is plainly strategic.

She's also easy on the eye and maybe the Tories wanted an Ontario version of Rona Ambrose for the Blogging Tories to put on their bedroom walls.

But why would the Tories want Sgro when "Strippergate" showed her poor judgement, not least in her choice of staff. Supposedly it was a Tory Toronto Councillor - it wasn't Rob Ford after a few beers surely?

In any case, Dhalla should name the people who approached her, as should Sgro - what is the public interest in not doing so? As it stands, it just stinks of a smear after the "Youth for Volpe" affair.
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