Sunday, June 25, 2006

McGuinty - get back to work!

Apparently the Provincial Liberals are on a war footing. Now, in most political regimes this might not be altogether surprising if you didn't know two things -

1. The Libs have a comfortable majority
2. They know exactly when the next election will be - October 2007. They know this because they passed the legislation fixing the date.

At a time when the OPP have told certain Caledonia residents that they will not respond to calls, the "fiscal imbalance" negotiations, the urgent need to get the Golden Horseshoe urban development plan finished before developers like the Sorbara Group pave over everything and now the electricity plan which is taking fire from all sides, you'd think McGuinty would have to enough to worry about without taking electoral strategy sessions - especially since he's cooking the books this year to declare a miraculous budget surplus next year.
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