Thursday, June 29, 2006

Changes at TVOntario - some good, others why?

So the provincial minister in charge of TVOntario just showed up, split the company in two, dropped a bundle of promises of cash at the front door and ran off (figuratively speaking). Just afterwards, TVO announced the end of Studio 2 in favour of "The Agenda", a show which is going to be all about citizenship - whatever that means. Anyway, it's all totally unconnected. Really.

Studio 2 looked budget but then you have to consider their actual budget - not much, and with old school equipment. Meanwhile the Tories and NDP are muttering about the Liberals neutering TVO's political content. It also combined a wide range of stuff, not least Steve Paikin's slightly bizarre interview with Ricky Williams during the week.

Yes it's great that TVO will get new kit which will make those union members better able to move to CanWest or CTV and use that newfangled equipment for more money. Yes it's great that the teachers unions are salivating over "digital content". But that's separate from the actual programming - a review of which could have taken place in a more open context.

Never mind - Steve Paikin and the CEP union both say everything will be fine. Let's hope that that's what happens rather than because unlike what Antonia Zerbisias, all over these developments in the last week, is saying about some of their TVO colleagues, they still have their jobs.

Considering Peter Mansbridge's eruption about the National being pushed back an hour, I suspect TVO bosses are glad to have the seemingly more pliable Paikin to nudge into the party line.
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