Thursday, June 01, 2006

TTC strike aftermath: as if we needed telling

From the Toronto Star:
Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker pointed out that the nine-member commission of city councillors is very much pro-union. "I'm 100 per cent pro-union, so is Howard Moscoe, Joe Mihevc, David Miller," said De Baeremaeker (Ward 38, Scarborough Centre). "The employees of the TTC will never have more sympathetic people than the commission is now. "
And let's not forget TTC vice-chair Adam Giambrone, whose other job is Federal NDP President.

Hizzoner stacked the TTC with his pals - it's not like he's having to deal with the Lastman rearguard like the Police Services Board in his first year as mayor. Now he's going to have to take responsibility. Sadly Pitfield in her response continues to appear no more than an opportunist rather than someone with a real alternative to offer.

As for Local 113 - they walked out on a day when the humidex hit 43C - something well forecasted. There is no excuse - a couple of days would have made no difference or they could have gone out before the weekend. That day may have cost people their lives because of delays to EMS due to traffic or to increased smog from the heavy traffic.
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