Friday, August 11, 2006

Damn your principles! Stick to your party!

Maria Minna's sense of national interest in her reaction to Wajid Khan's appointment as Harper's special adviser mirrors Benjamin Disraeli's nineteenth century thinking. I must say I hadn't considered myself lucky to live west of Coxwell Avenue (and thus Jack Layton's constituent rather than Minna's) for quite a while but today I do. Hedy Fry makes it clear that she is all for the same kind of ideological uniformity the Tories are regularly accused of. Jim Karaygiannis' attack is probably not entirely unrelated to the fact that Khan recently replaced him as leadership campaign chair of Joe "Youth for" Volpe.

It's a bit startling (but as an immigrant also encouraging) to watch the rapid rise of the former head honcho at Dufferin Mazda and the object of many FAN590 morning show comedy sketches. He had already been in the news for confronting Qayyum Abdul Jamal, one of the 17 arrested on terrorism charges, at a Muslim centre in his riding.

Some Liberals have rightly welcomed the appointment and others at least are holding back the tar and feathers:
Keith Martin, Liberal foreign affairs critic, said he takes Mr. Khan at his word. "I have to take it at face value in the hope that Mr. Khan is a good man, an honest man, and he will give his best to make a positive contribution to Canada and to the government on this crisis." [from the National Post article]
Now that he has agreed to not attend caucus meetings, the MPs who called for him to be excluded should explain why they think Khan would divulge information from caucus to Harper while remaining a Liberal - it couldn't be because Stronach and Brison brought details of the Tory caucus with them when they jumped ship? Surely not...

In any case, the bloggers who suspect a floor crossing is in Khan's future, especially if he is pushed out by his own side, might be right in the end. Once again the Liberal party's headlessness is revealed, as with the Afghan vote and the budget fiasco - Bill Graham (who approved Khan's appointment) won't be able to go through airport metal detectors soon with all the knives in his back. I can only hope Graham is keeping a diary for publication.
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