Friday, August 24, 2007

Heinze, we hardly knew you - and now we hate you

If you were a lad growing up in Argentina you might not have fully appreciated the hatred between Liverpool and Manchester United. You become a decent player and get picked up by United after Valladolid and PSG and show some promise at full back - Old Trafford being partial to an "Argentina!" chant since 1998 - and voted fan player of the year in your first season but have awful luck with injury since... but apparently you never noticed how the fans felt about the bin-dippers, how loudly they sang "Gary Neville is a red, he hates Scousers".

You might have remarked on how Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is now 20LEGEND but there's always the niggle that he used to support the dippers as a kid. Sure we took Rooney but Everton were never as much of an irritant as the other shower. Then there was "big time Charlie" Ince who went from United to Liverpool, but via Inter Milan and a two year gap - and nobody's forgotten Charlie's goal at Anfield in 1999, or forgiven the celebration that followed it.

So you put for a transfer to Liverpool regardless and when refused try to strongarm your way out. Maybe right was on your side with that letter, maybe not, but morally it was always wrong. Now you're out anyway, gone to Real Madrid, hardly a bad posting but remember one thing - if you darken Old Trafford's door in the Champions League, you won't be hated one iota less than if you had actually signed for Liverpool.
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