Saturday, August 25, 2007

Brother Garvey, you should not be shocked - ashamed perhaps...

The Village has published the 1962 report from Chaplain Henry Moore to Archbishop McQuaid on conditions at the Christian Brothers-run institution at Artane.  Bruce Arnold, who somehow plugs away at the Independent Group, mentioned this in his column a couple of weeks ago and reminded Archbishop Martin of his commitment to openness - indeed it seems Martin himself was a witness to conditions at the school.

It's interesting that in a modern era when McQuaid is portrayed as something of a tyrant that he seems to have been extremely concerned about Artane and yet somehow powerless to impel the Brothers to improve matters. In this he does not appear to have been assisted by the Department of Education, according to Arnold's more recent dispatch, who it seems had no desire to believe Fr. Moore given that it would have exposed the bureaucracy's inadequate supervision.

I don't know if the GAA have made any mention of their relationship with Artane and the conditions they must now know were suffered by members of the Boys Band which is integral to the history of Croke Park - if someone has info on this I'd appreciate it being left in the comments.

The head of the order, declaring himself "shocked and dismayed" at the release of Moore's report, seems more concerned about throwing doubt on the report, clinging to the Department's inspection reports (there isn't an Irish schoolchild who doesn't know in advance that An Cigire is coming, with consequent temporary smartening up on all fronts) and basically throwing more salt in the wounds of those who endured his former colleagues' dysfunctional regime.

This article by Paddy Doyle sheds some light on the proceedings of the tribunal into the former institutions.
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