Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well done that man

I have been trying to put the Blue Jays on the Stephen Colbert regime (below 0.500 "on notice", below 0.400 "dead to me") but even with the dip into the .390s recently I couldn't avoid this story. With the Jays pitching in general disarray including two successive Halladay losses and a subsequent appendectomy, the merits of promoting one of the somewhat fragile bullpen versus the plucking of Jesse Litsch from AA New Hampshire where he was running 5-1 and 0.96 ERA was discussed on sports radio here in Toronto.

Going to Litsch against the Orioles turned out to be a good call - he is now 1-0, having pitched 8.2 innings, one earned run, four hits, three bases on balls and one strikeout (1.04 ERA) while defending a slim two run contribution from his teammates with Accardo dealing with the last out for his 3rd save. More of that please!

He picked up his customary shaving cream pie from Vernon Wells along with one for his dad who was watching on his 57th birthday and who had raised his son as a lone parent.
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