Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A pity - Ben Chin not to run again in Toronto-Danforth for prov Liberals

It's a pity Ben Chin has decided to stay in McGuinty's backroom rather than run again. He had a very creditable performance last time out given NDP incumbency and Tabuns' prior stint as councillor, but was fatally smeared by Tabuns over the Portlands Centre Power Station and by others over attempts to discredit his past as a refugee from the then dictatorship in South Korea.

Hopefully whoever they run instead will give the smug Dipper a strong challenge. Chin won't run federally as Andrew Coyne's cousin is taking another kamikaze run at Jack Layton.

UPDATE: correction per the comment below. Posting at midnight not so good for the fact-checking part of my brain!
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