Sunday, September 17, 2006

iTunes 7 - better updating to come?

Just downloaded and installed iTunes 7. According to the installer, an Apple Update Service service is along for the ride. Now this is probably to regularly push updates to re-patch the regularly cracked "FairPlay" system but if it saves me having to download the full installer every time Apple changes things about I won't mind much - something I wrote about in March. Even Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird have figured out patch updates so with Apple's resources it was a bit stupid that they hadn't before.

UPDATE: Turns out Apple Update only applies to iPod not iTunes. A 35mb update to 7.0.1 ("only" 25mb for OSX) is downloading as I type which fixes stability issues. When are we going to see an "I'm a Mac" ad about this?

UPDATE 2: Clicking Help/Check for updates in 7.0.1 takes you to the iTunes homepage for the full download. Forcing Apple Update to run also allows iTunes to be updated - with an 18mb download. Why the hell can't they get this right?! Hopefully in 7.0.2 they have.
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