Sunday, March 02, 2008

Liberals could attack Harper over Kosovo - if they could figure out their own policy first

The way things are going, Stephane Dion will be supporting a constitutional amendment to extend the current Parliament indefinitely. Swamped under the current Cadman fiasco was any reaction to a February 19 blog post by Paul Wells noting Harper's delay in recognising Kosovo as independent (or declining to do so) and theorising that this was while a delay can be seen as dissuading unilateral secession, openly explaining the delay would endanger Adequiste votes for Tory federal candidates.

Well, the only thing worse than a party not declaring a side is to pick both. Jim Karygiannis (from the so-con wing of the Liberal Party) sided with his Serbian constituents and declared opposition to recognising Kosovo. The problem is that his Leader wants to recognise Kosovo - and Karygiannis can hardly say he missed Dion's take since Wells knew about it 12 days ago and the Montreal Gazette the day before that.

That said someone should explain to M. Dion what "unanimous" means, if the Gazette reported in any kind of context. I suppose that compared to the percentage required to rule like a majority in Canada (36.3 percent as of 2006), the proportion of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo might seem quite overwhelming.
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