Sunday, February 18, 2007

New website tracks illegal signs in Toronto is an excellent new advocacy site which I spotted on a Spacing post. It chronicles the presence of illegal commercial signs - usually "third party", not directly associated with the business it is erected on.

The signs can be overlarge, obscuring windows, too close to another large sign and so on. Crucially it points out how some companies re-erect such signs after being told to remove them by Toronto Municipal Licencing and Standards (MLS). The activists have obtained copies of the inspector work records and chronicle the failings of the advertises and those meant to regulate them.

I think there are some horrific signs in Toronto, especially the rooftop signs erected on unsightly steel gantries. The numbers of signs already identified as illegal (Google mashup) is pretty eye watering, especially near City Hall. Unlike the harder-line members of groups like the Toronto Public Space Committee, I am not against commercial advertising per se, especially when it supports City services, but there are rules to keep things reasonable and they seem to be flouted by various firms.
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